Sunday, March 19, 2017

Adam Wolf brewery fire c. 1870

Some Weisbrod & Hess ads

The Weisbrod & Hess Oriental Brewery ad is from the 1890s. The Ginger Ale ad is from the 1920s.

Bergner & Engel Bock Beer, Root Beer and building fire.

The Bock Beer ad is from the 1890s. During Prohibition B&E leased a part of their brewery to the Primalt Products Company of Chicago to produce Dr. Swett's Root Beer. The article about the fire is from 1938. The brewery closed and was abandoned in 1928.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Brewmasters Association of Philadelphia excursion to Lancaster, Adamstown and Reading, PA, June 29-30, 1907

Peter A. Schemm, brewer, and Northern Trust Company Director

Not only did Peter A. Schemm take over and run the brewery started by his father at 25th & Poplar Streets, he was also an art collector and a director of the Northern Savings Fund, Safe Deposit and Trust Company located at 600 Spring Garden Street, the building, designed by the famous Philadelphia architect Frank Furness, still stands today.

This view from the 1920s looking east on Spring Garden Street shows the Northern Trust Company building as it looked then. (courtesy of:

Here is that building in a more recent view. In 2012 this building was slated to be turned into a beer hall, but this ultimately never happened. (

Across the street at 611 Spring Garden Street is the German Society of Pennsylvania where Peter Schemm Sr. first became a member in 1863:
According to obituaries Peter A. was born in the Mt. Pleasant mansion in Fairmount Park which was once the home of Benedict Arnold:

Peter A. Schemm is buried up the road from Mt. Pleasant in Laurel Hill Cemetery:

Schemm Genealogy: