Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Brewmasters Association of Philadelphia excursion to Lancaster, Adamstown and Reading, PA, June 29-30, 1907

Peter A. Schemm, brewer, and Northern Trust Company Director

Not only did Peter A. Schemm take over and run the brewery started by his father at 25th & Poplar Streets, he was also an art collector and a director of the Northern Savings Fund, Safe Deposit and Trust Company located at 600 Spring Garden Street, the building, designed by the famous Philadelphia architect Frank Furness, still stands today.

This view from the 1920s looking east on Spring Garden Street shows the Northern Trust Company building as it looked then. (courtesy of:

Here is that building in a more recent view. In 2012 this building was slated to be turned into a beer hall, but this ultimately never happened. (

Across the street at 611 Spring Garden Street is the German Society of Pennsylvania where Peter Schemm Sr. first became a member in 1863:
According to obituaries Peter A. was born in the Mt. Pleasant mansion in Fairmount Park which was once the home of Benedict Arnold:

Peter A. Schemm is buried up the road from Mt. Pleasant in Laurel Hill Cemetery:

Schemm Genealogy:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Accident at the Golden Eagle Brewery 1897

The Golden Eagle Brewery was located at 2429 N. Broad Street at Cumberland Street. It was owned by Charles Schwerdfeger and existed from 1892 to 1903. In this clipping from October 1897 issue of American Brewer's Review it is reported that Schwerdfeger's 23 year old son Charles was crushed to death by the engine at the brewery.

The 1895 Hexamer survey for the Golden Eagle Brewery can be viewed here:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Influence of Beer on Salivary and Gastric Digestion, June 11,1887

This article appeared in the Medical News; A Weekly Medical Journal vol. 50, January - June 1887. The article was written by H. A. Hare, M.D. who conducted the experiment at the University of Pennsylvania. Hare was a descendent of Robert Hare - the man who made the first Porter in Philadelphia and in this experiment beers from the Bergner & Engel, Louis Bergdoll, Continental and John F. Betz brewing companies were used.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Massey, Huston & Co. 1866

This notice appears in the Legal Intelligencer from Philadelphia on October 19, 1866.

"THE COPARTNERSHIP between the undersigned heretofore existing under the firm of Massey, Collins & Co., this day expires by limitation,
Phila. Aug. 21, 1866

THE UNDERSIGNED have this day associated themselves under the firm of MASSEY, HUSTON & CO., and will continue the Brewing business in all its branches, at the old stead, at the N.W. corner of Tenth and Filbert Sts.
Phila. Sept. 1, 1886"

Bergner and Engel Brewing Company 1894

This article appears in the book The City of Philadelphia as it Appears in the Year 1894.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prospect Brewery ad 1886

This ad appeared in the Asheville citizen newspaper in North Carolina on April 13, 1886.

Brewery ads from Sylvan Scenes Along The Line of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad (1889)

These ads are from a book put together by the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad in the summer of the year 1889.

German Day, 1892

This book was put together by the German Society of Pennsylvania in the year 1892 to celebrate the 209th anniversary of the landing of the first German settlers in America which happened on October 6, 1683.